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Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain Lift Rates
Regular Rates

"Secret/Priority" Lift Rates
3+ Nights Lodging
*ONLY on select units

(13-69 yrs)
(6-12 yrs)
(13-69 yrs)
(6-12 yrs)

All Season

$90/day $58/day See chart below FREE

Copper Mountain "Secret/Priority" Lift Rates
With Lodging, Secret/Priority Lift passes work like a Disney Fast pass, and use a 2nd separate line on all base and busy lifts.
* Rates with selected condos only, must book 3+ nights of Lodging

2016 Adult (13yr+) Rates 1 - 2 Day 3 - 4 Day 5 Day +

Jan 1 - 13

$78/day $70/day $66/day

Jan 14 - 18

$85/day $77/day $72/day

Jan 19 - Feb 10

$78/day $70/day $66/day

Feb 11 - Feb 15

$85/day $77/day $72/day

Feb 16 - Mar 3

$80/day $72/day $68/day

Mar 4 - Mar 27

$85/day $77/day $72/day

Mar 28 - Apr 17

$74/day $67/day $63/day

Kids Free (12 years and under) with purchase of one 2+ day Adult Lift Pass.
Max 4 kids/Adult.

Non-Kids Free Lodging units: $60/child/day

What is a Secret Priority Lift Pass?
Copper Mountain is the only ski resort in the USA offering the coveted Secret (Beeline) Priority Lift pass. Only about 10% of all Copper Resort Lift tickets sold are eligible for the "Beeline Priority" Lift Line. Secret pass holders skip the regular lift line with a separate dedicated priority line. It works like a ski school line or Disney fastpass. During busy times including weekends, this often saves 15-20 min/run. Plus avoid ticket window delays and go directly to your own dedicated lift line. Make first tracks with a 15-minute head start every morning on the American Eagle. Use the Secret priority pass at the following lifts: American Eagle, American Flyer, Super Bee, Excelerator, Kokomo, High Point and Timberline Express.

Secret Lift Pass (Priority Lift Line) and non-beeline tickets are the same price. Only guests staying in authorized Copper Mountain lodging units are eligible to purchase Priority Lift Passes. Non lodging guests can purchase a non-secret regular paper ticket.

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